About Us

Who We Are

The mission of Restoring Hearts Shelter, Inc. is to provide individuals with a place where they can restore their hearts with faith and love.

Our goal is to provide housing for homeless individuals in the community as well as a resource center, food and clothing items.

Keith Walls

President / CEO

Tracey Walls

Executive Vice President / CCO

Cynthia Brinkley

Chief Finanical Officer / CFO

Shana Hilson

Senior Vice President

In order to achieve this mission, we will purchase a property that we can use as a housing complex. As of yet, no such property has been purchased. We will require an application in order to be selected for housing; however we will not charge any enrollment or entrance fee. Once accepted, the individual will not need to pay any periodic or maintenance fees. As a part of taking care of our residents, we will work closely with the Homeless Health Care Center which includes a physician,nurse, counselor & case worker. We will have a resource center on site for residents to have computer access to along with other needed resources.